FLYING HUSKY RACING is a car club based in the Pacific Northwest (near Seattle).

Flying Husky delivers premium track days and car events for automotive enthusiasts, and is dedicated to safety, development, and building community among members and participants.

We aim to:

    1. Create more track day and driving opportunities in the Pacific Northwest. (Corollary: everyone benefits when there are more track days and car events.)

    2. Provide a premium, full-service track day experience with amenities to increase enjoyment, reduce friction, facilitate convenience, foster membership, build community, and enable driver development.

    3. Actively participate in and contribute to growing and showcasing the Pacific Northwest car and track community.

    4. Promote programs which increase safety education and safe operations for track day and car events, drivers, and vehicles.

    5. Create awareness of and promote fundraising for husky-focused dog rescue, animal welfare, and non-profit organizations.

Our Operating Philosophy:

  • Be nice, be friendly, be safe, be cool.

  • Deliver premium track programs for enthusiasts in the PNW. We all still have plenty to learn and were all once new, but we focus our offerings for intermediate and advanced drivers.

  • We're open and inclusive. We welcome people with intermediate and advanced driving skills from all backgrounds, and aim to enable a great experience where everyone can be themselves and have a fun time.

  • We do recruit very carefully. If you know of a talented and safe driver who is also fun to have around, we’d love to meet up – perhaps as a guest at the next event. Contact us first

  • We're not trying to be snobbish or exclusive; we are trying to ensure we have a good group of drivers who we all trust to be on track with, and who we want to spend our precious free time around.

  • We're not competing; we're enjoying spirited driving with friends. There may be a time and place for racing; we will make that well known, and otherwise, we're not.

  • Have fun, and be excellent to each other.


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