presents... the Flying HuskY RACING Sim LEAGUE

The Flying Husky Racing Sim League is an iRacing league for drivers, our friends, and some special visitors.

Sim racing helps us fill in gaps when we can't be at the track, and to develop our racecraft and focus too.

Flying Husky Racing
aims to:

    1. Create more track day and driving opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.
      (Corollary: everyone benefits when there are more track days and car events.)

    2. Provide a premium, full-service track day experience with amenities to increase enjoyment, reduce
      friction, facilitate convenience, foster membership, build community, and enable driver development

    3. Actively participate in and contribute to growing and showcasing the Pacific Northwest car and
      track community

LIVE color commentary and broadcast production by FHR partner Global Sim Racing Channel (GSRC)

We recently wrapped Season 2, with some exciting racing action! Check out our races online:

2021 Winter Formula Season 1

2021 Spring Formula Season 2

2021 Summer Formula Season 3
(in progress)

See our Sim Racing Primer for more (slightly outdated but useful) information

Latest race: